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Modeling the impact of federal tax policy on the 50 states

Federal-State Tax Project

The Federal-State Tax Project develops open source tools for analyzing the impacts of federal tax reforms by state. These impacts vary widely across states due to differences in tax-relevant factors such as the income distribution; relative importance of wage, business, and retirement income; and family size and structure. Understanding the state-specific impacts of a reform is important to state and federal policymakers, among others.

Recent project news Type
How raising the SALT cap would affect taxpayers in different states Publication (AEIdeas)
How a change to the SALT cap would affect taxpayers by state Media (The Bond Buyer)
Expanded - Repealing the SALT Cap - State by State Impact Publication (Tax Notes State)
Repealing the SALT Cap - State by State Impact Publication (AEI & Rockefeller College)
Constructing Tax Data for the 50 States Presentation (PSL Demo Days)
Detailed 50-state tables on SALT-cap repeal Resource for states, paid (PSL Foundation)

Project goals

This project aims to develop tools that allow users to:

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Donald Boyd Co-director, State and Local Government Finance Project, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the University at Albany; Principal, Boyd Research, LLC linkedin donboyd5\

Matt Jensen Director, Open Source Policy Center, American Enterprise Institute matthjensen\